[ The mouse controls work correctly in Unity Game view but not always work correctly on the browsers i.e. the mouse locks and you can't press the image buttons. Quick workaround is press Esc to activate the cursor and then click for a few seconds on the image button. Will try to fix ASAP, but if you have hints and tips, let me know! Thanks in advance!]

360 degrees image viewer

Enjoy the preloaded 3D views or load your own equirectangular image!
Have fun!

Photo credits

Photos #1, #5-8 and #10 by PanosAsh and the F-360iSOD dataset at Github

Photos #2 by 360rize on 360rize.com

Photos #3 and #4 by Peter Watts on Flickr

Photo #9 by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

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